About Us


Tancy Griffin #TanJuI am the TAN of TanJu.  I am wife to Jeremiah, mom to our four kiddos and three extra blessings, and child of the King.  I am blessed to be able to stay home with our kids and educated them at home.  I love Jesus.  I love my life, and I  am learning to love the me that He created.

With my husband both a pastor and a church planter I find myself often with multiple roles to fill and quickly beyond my human capacity to serve.  To the glory of God, he gives me grace and strength to meet my day.  Added to my roles then are, music director, worship band leader, pastor's wife, planter's wife, ladies Bible study teacher, secretary and schedule coordinator.  There rarely is a dull moment here in our house but where a rare one shows its head, it is closely guarded and protected.


Julie Swanson - The Ju of TanJu I am the Ju in TanJu   I am a Christian. What I mean by that is not only that I believe that there is a God, but I desire a personal relationship with Him. I believe that God deeply loves us and simply wants us to submit to His will for our life.

I am married to Jeremy, have been for 17 years and plan to keep him around for a while. I kinda like him. We go good together.  I have 3 pretty good kids. Maddie 14, Nathan 13 and Emma 4. They keep me grounded and humble.

Things I like... cooking, baking, reading and journaling, decorating my house, helping others, making people laugh, surprising people.

What I do: I am an Independent Director with The Pampered Chef. It's my thing. I feel like when I found PC I found my niche. I love showing people tips to get in and out of the kitchen. I like how this job allows me to stay home with my family while still helping to bring in financial support. I also really enjoy the people that God brings into my life through this business. I have met many great hosts and team members who I consider my friends.

I come from a large family. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother. I cherish the times that we had growing up. We didn't always get along.... and we still have some disagreements with each other, but I know we all love each other. As we grow older and our families are getting spread out across this country, I enjoy those moments we have together. They are much too far apart.