Cooking Alfredo #TanJu TanJu Julie Swanson

One thing I love about my Pampered Chef business is trying things that I am not brave enough to try on my own.

I was at a show last week and we were making Spinach Carbonara Pizza. It is a hit at every show that I do. The host wanted to know if we could try a homemade alfredo sauce that she had made. I of course said yes. She told me that she had to tell me that it was made out of cauliflower and wondered if that would be a problem. I said no. I really wanted to try this!

That night we tried to keep what the sauce was a secret and we did for the most part. After everyone had tried the pizza, we told them our secret. The guests couldn’t even tell! The raved about the alfredo sauce and was amazed at how many calories they were saving. 😉

I thought that since no one could tell, I would try and fool my family.  I found a recipe on Pinterest and made fettuccini  last night for dinner.

I could tell that Jeremy was nervous about dinner. He knew I was making the sauce from cauliflower and I think was very doubtful. I wasn’t going to tell the kids because I knew that they would grumble. Maddie did however walk in when I was making it. She was a champ and didn’t tell the other two.

The recipe was very easy to make. I was glad for her video tutorial because I am a recipe skimmer. 😉 I do recommend adding a tiny bit of olive oil. It does seem to give the sauce a smoother taste.

After Nathan was half way done with his plate he told me that it was delicious. And then continued to devour his pasta. It made this Momma feel good.

This will be moved from my recipe board to my YUMMY board on Pinterest and I will definitely be making it again. Tonight I am making mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes. I wonder if my family will like them! Stay tuned.

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