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It happened One Morning…

There are two sides to every story… please dust of your perfect,snooty accent to read the italics….The rest can be read in as a typical Midwestern girl. This story may contain some fiction… just maybe…. ——————————————————————————————— “Oh Darling, I believe that we should peruse the downtown shops this a.m.  We may even get a chance to […]

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TanJu flings paint

Tanju decided it was time for a DIFFERENT kind of Pinterest Project.  We decided to PAINT… Ok… I decided we should paint, and Julie went along for the ride.   Considering lately how many ideas that I have had that she has SHOT DOWN, I guess I should be thrilled she went along with the painting projects. […]

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I Love Spooning

We have already stated that I am not QUITE the crafty girl. My crafts usually turn out more like something Emma did, then something a grown woman would do. A couple of years ago, my sister Joanna, mentioned really wanting a spoon ring. She remembered my Grandma wearing one and would really like to have […]

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TanJu Reviews…on a diet…

TanJu has been on a “diet.”  This has not been a pleasant experience.  In fact, after a couple days of approximately 700 calories per day, we have both had to modify the plan.  We are moms, and we have to be able to function and care for our families.  Family comes WAY before “Starvation for […]

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