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What a difference a year makes

January 15th – Do you know what you were doing last year on January 15th? I do; Today is our foster anniversary. Last year, January 14th started just like any other day in the chaos known as the Griffin Home.   Kids were everywhere doing their school work and avoiding chores, and I was running […]

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Tancy Snow tongue out catching snow flakes

Taking Time to Look Up

Tonight, my husband and I were on the way home from a date night, and I found myself walking though a parking lot with huge beautiful snowflakes falling all around me.  I opened my mouth and tried to catch the fluffy flakes on my tongue.  My husband kind of gave me a look…. You know the one that says […]

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Jehovah Jireh

My God, My Provider

Money is always an issue.  My husband is a church planter, and that means we are never exactly rolling in the dough. God repeatedly fulfills His promise to meet our needs.  There is no way a family of our size should be able to live on what regularly comes in, BUT GOD! Over and over again, […]

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