How Pinterest tried to burn my house down


We live in the day of PINTEREST.  You search anything on the internet, and there is a link on or to Pinterest.  I have had my share of Pinterest disasters, but tonight my dear daughter experienced her very own Pinterest disaster.

Our daughter is thirteen and she is experiencing one of the joys of teenagerhood.  – ZITS.  She is constantly worried about them and trying all sorts of things to combat those little buggers.  So naturally she went to Pinterest on top of all the advice from mom.

I have girl taking Beauty Pearl, using progesterone cream, and washing with tea tree oil soap.  BUT, that is not enough in her book.  This morning, she was listing all the remedies that she has researched on Pinterest.  After listening for a while and finding her the jar of Coconut oil, I tried to tell her that sometimes less is more and that all those things at once might be too much.  She informed me it was working and she had more ideas in store.

Tonight’s dinner was a mellow one.  We had one in tears, one moping, one in trouble from a note from school, and the others trying to just get through dinner.  Daddy’s answer was a little late night trip with his big girls.  So we hurriedly tried to clean up dinner and send them on their way.

As my husband went into  the kitchen he smelled smoke.  I really thought he was smelling all of us who had been at my parents’ house burning leaves, but when I entered the kitchen I knew that it had to be much more than our odoriferous clothing and hair.  As we began to search and kids started panicking, I happened to open the microwave to find a smoking towel.

Did you know that Pinterest suggests warming a towel in the microwave and putting the heat on your acne?

Neither did I.

Well, in this mom’s search on Pinterest I have not found the whatever-it-was that instructed my child to blow up my hand towel.

As a public service note, if you put a hand towel in a microwave with no moisture on it, it just MIGHT catch on fire.

You heard it here first!  Always wanting to help my fellow moms!

**Please Note: One hand towel was injured in the making of this post.

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