I Love Spooning


We have already stated that I am not QUITE the crafty girl. My crafts usually turn out more like something Emma did, then something a grown woman would do.

imageA couple of years ago, my sister Joanna, mentioned really wanting a spoon ring. She remembered my Grandma wearing one and would really like to have one. I honestly didn’t even know there was such a thing. But I came across a spoon ring at a craft show that I went to and immediately bought it for Joanna.

I was looking at the spoon and wondering how it was made. I spent a lot of time between Pinterest and You Tube trying to find out how. After watching many videos, I thought I had the general idea.

Nathan and I scoured local thrift shops for spoons. Let me tell you how THRILLED he was to be doing that!

I gathered my  “Jeremy’s” tools, set up a workbench on the kitchen table and went to work.

imageIt took me a little while to figure out some little techniques and I realized I needed some additional tools. I had to wait till Jeremy got home to raid his tool box garage.

I also realized that I needed to make a workshop somewhere else. The kitchen table wouldn’t do.

imageJeremy kindly let me have take over a part of the workshop in the basement. I’m actually wondering if he secretly knew it needed to be cleaned and if he let me have part of the room, knew I would clean it. I love to have this space because I can come and go as I have time and the mess isn’t somewhere that is seen.

I have thoroughly enjoyed making these rings over the past couple weeks. These are just a sampling of the ones that I have made already. Be on a look out for my friends and family members to see one in person. 😉image

I am also looking for unwanted spoons or forks if you have any lying around.

I have a ton of ideas for necklaces and bracelets as well. Now I just need to find the time to make it all!

What I also really enjoy about this endeavor is that Tancy doesn’t know how to do it! So now she can teach me how to sew and I can teach her how to make spoon rings.

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