I REFUSE to celebrate National Hug Day!


20160121_204249I am standing for my civil liberties.  I am calling for non-huggers to unite and stand tall… but not in too close of a group!

I just sat down to peruse Facebook, and came across an article about National Hug Day.  This was the first that I heard that it was National Hug Day, and wow… it kind of stopped me dead in my tracks. I mean, I actually sat down to write about something ENTIRELY different, but the idea of a entire day of hugging people everywhere has me a bit off kilter. I might have just ran and grabbed some Tums…

As a side note, why does there have to be a stinking National Something day every stinking day?!?  Really... I think it should be National Don't Bother Tancy with Hugging Day... That's a thought!

If you know me in real life, I am just NOT a touchy, feely, huggy person.  It is something that I work on, because as a pastor’s wife I understand that sometimes people just NEED a hug.  I still admit that this is a difficult thing for me.

People often make all sorts of jokes like “oh, your poor husband!”  or  “how in the world do you have that many kids…”  Well, I assure you just because I don’t want to hug every other person that I see in a day does not mean that I do not like to hug my husband… Just in case you are truly worried about him;)

I am just SELECTIVE in the process of choosing to let people into my personal space, and I think that is okay.  awkward-hug

If you are not a hugger, you completely understand the feeling of dread that comes over you when you see widespread arms headed your direction.  The conversation in your head kinda goes like this…

Oh, my goodness that person is getting close.
Oh shoot, I think they might think we should hug.
Oh my, they DO think we should hug. Crap.
What’s up with all the hugging?  What is wrong with people?
Okay, you can do this Tancy, DON’T cringe!
Oh my, I think you are cringing…maybe they didn’t notice.
How long is this stupid hug going to last anyway.
I think it is about done, try not to smile too much… or sigh… DON’T sigh in relief…
Whew, You made it, You are a champ!  You survived another… Did they see me shudder?
I wonder if they saw me shudder.
Breathe… It is okay to breath…”

If you are a hugger, your internal dialouge might go like this.

Oooooh, Look another human being!
Puppies and Rainbows.
I should hug them!
OOOOOH, this is great.  I love hugging other people.
Did she just shudder?
I think she is pretty tense, I should hug her tighter.
Oh no, she pulled away. Another hug is over.
Is she breathing?
Why is she standing there with her arms crossed?
awe…. maybe she needs another hug.
Is that a gun?

baseballhugAs you can imagine, it does not go well from here.  So, as an effort to make the world a better place, I think people should wear badges,

One could say,

Hello!  I am a hugger! Let’s Hug Each Other! 

It could have a picture of a puppy or a rainbow. 

Another could say,

Love me from over there please! 

It could be in the shape of a Lysol can

I think I just may be on to something!  All could be right in the world again!

Also, I think we should add ANOTHER day to our list of National Whatever Days…. I vote  for a “HUG NO ONE” day!  or “Love me from afar”  Day.  It is not that an Anti-hugger does not like you!  We just don’t like you hugging us!  Go find another hugger and hug them. I promise that we can still be emotionally stable as a non-hugger.  We still hug our children, and our poor neglected husbands, but we are okay over here in our space watching all you people hug each other. hugpoop


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