It happened One Morning…


There are two sides to every story… please dust of your perfect,snooty accent to read the italics….The rest can be read in as a typical Midwestern girl.

This story may contain some fiction… just maybe….


“Oh Darling, I believe that we should peruse the downtown shops this a.m.  We may even get a chance to eat at the lovely little dive Bagels and More.” 

“Oh Yes, Darling, it is right next to that quaint bodega with the homemade pickles that are $12.00 a jar.  They must be most excellent when you can charge that much for cucumbers!  They even have fiddle heads.  Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a decent fiddle head?  Maybe we can get some spiced Chai.”

“Yes, Dear, I will put on my cashmere sweater and my burgundy ascot.  My perfectly coiffed silver curls are ready for the town.  Let us be gone! Why that is a lovely pantsuit you are wearing today! “

“Hey Tancy, I think she should head north to Beth’s at around 9:30.”

“Sure, I got my cleaning clothes on, we should grab breakfast on the way.”

“McDonald’s or Burger King?”

Time passes and Julie and Tancy now have Beth in their possession.

“Beth, you need a break, where should we go?  How about that little place called A Bushel and a Peck downtown?”

“Oh this place is really Cute!”

“Wow, they have all sorts of canned stuffed…. HOLY SMOKES!  these pickles are $12.00!”

“Beet Ketchup?  What in the world is BEET ketchup?

“Who pickles cauliflower?  What do you eat this on?  Is that a carrot in the same jar?”

“Have you ever pickled cauliflower?”

“I think we should go somewhere else…. how about next door to Bagels and More?”

The trio begins walking, but is distracted by a curious jar.

“What in the world is this?  What are fiddle heads?”

“You’re the canner, why don’t YOU know?”


Apparently Fiddle Heads are the early tight shoots of ferns.  You can eat them….


“This scone is positively delightful, Charles!  and this Chai…  Well, it is perfection.”

“My bran muffin is lovely also, but I wish the environment in this place was better.  It is people like THAT that makes places like this go downhill so quickly!”  

“What exactly are they wearing, Charles?  Are those yoga pants?  and sweatshirts?  Don’t you wish there would be a dress code for leaving your house if you aren’t a yogi?”  

“Disturbing.  Quite disturbing…. and loud.  They are loud.  What is so funny about a bagel?  Cackling hens, the whole lot of them.  Why do they not have jobs?”

“Well, who could work a decent job dressed like that?”

“That guy over there keeps looking at us.”

“Are you sure… why would he be looking at us?”

“What is that scarf thing he is swearing?”

“I swear he keeps looking over here and saying stuff.”

Fill in lots of chatter and laughter… about anything and everything.

“They are so… uncouth.  Loud. unkempt women.”

“Why must they come out and pollute our environment. It positively ruins my quality of life.” 

“I want to look at the lovely picture on the wall behind them, but I am afraid they could be contagious.”

“Oh, Charles, they are harmless, go look at your photograph. If you like it enough, we could hang it in the salon, or maybe the library.”

“Oh my word, he is coming this way.”

“Who pays $125 bucks for a picture of a flower?”

“Whew… He is done. Did you see the look on his face? He looked scared… and disgusted all at the same time.”

“Darling, we really should get going before something… well.. gets on us.  I looked closer… they are … well…  we do not want to be by that kind.  I think we really should go next door and get those fiddle heads that you spoke of.  My mouth has been watering since you mentioned those delightful little morsels.”

“Oh look, he left his wine.  I wonder how much that wine cost.”

“It can’t cost that much!  It is wrapped in a brown paper bag!”

“Egads!  I must return… quickly. I will move quickly.  Save yourself darling and continue walking to the Benz, My Darling.  I will pull my ascot over my mouth, just in case.”

“Duck!   He is headed back… he can’t forget his wine…”.

“I would feel bad for the guy if he left his wine.”

Okay, so before you crucify me for being intolerant of rich people…

Yes… I made up a bunch of stuff, and yes, I probably projected my feelings of unease on the couple.   But, hey, they were a tad snooty, and they did talk and point and awful lot. 

I do think that this is a good reminder that there are two sides to every story.  That couple had no idea that we were helping a friend that day.  (okay, who am I kidding, I wear a LOT of yoga pants) I truly have no idea what their day was like either.  You never know what the curt Wal-mart cashier has been battling that day you left feeling slighted.  The person cutting me off in traffic might be on the way to the hospital to see a dying relative.  The harried waitress might be totally overwhelmed with two many tables and cooks that are behind in their orders.

We just never know! We are far to quick to judge, and we do a lot of assuming.  What if we truly exhibited the Fruits of the Spirit… like Patience and Longsuffering and Love…

Life is too short to treat people poorly. We are called to love… even the people that we assumed were talking about us and our yoga pants.


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