It’s review time again.

This time we review a new breakfast joint that opened 3 weeks ago.

Magpie serves breakfast and lunch and is open from 6:30-3:00.

We were greeted warmly by Felicia when we walked in. As we arrived fairly early in the morning, we were the only people there. We feel like we got the best seat in house. ūüėČ

The restaurant is decorated what I would consider “urban modern.” I don’t know if that’s a real term, but that’s what I call it. I loved the decor. ¬†Countryish is to Julie as¬†¬†Urban Modernish whatever is to Tancy…There is a very comfortable and clean feel to the dining room. Emphasis on clean, because it was very clean and tidy.

imageAs it was pretty early I was offered coffee pretty quickly which I gladly accepted. (The coffee is roasted¬†by Java Mania which I am particularly fond of because they roast¬†our coffee for our church. It’s pretty ¬†delish.) You are lucky enough to get this glorious picture of me because of the mug. Tancy and I especially liked the mug. There is a great ergonomic design to the mug. It was comfortable to hold. Coffee lovers understand the need for a good mug. Felicia told us they came from Ikea. I know this isn’t about the mugs at the restaurant, but I do love good dishes.

I was thrilled to see that their restaurant carries Coke Products which gets an automatic THUMBS UP from me.  There is almost nothing worse a Diet Pepsi in the morning.

Moving on….

Felicia gave us the specials, and we chose our selections. Felicia highly recommended we try the sausage.

Being as we aren’t on that blasted diet anymore we knew our breakfast would be carb laden…and carb laden it was. We splurged on pancakes, French toast ¬†and hashbrowns. I flatly refused anything that even resembled an egg. Although Tancy has a weird love for eggs and ordered some. ¬†For the sake of a fair review, we decided we should try a little of EVERYTHING and share…. at least that is what we told ourselves.¬†image

Tancy and I had plenty of time catching up while we waited for our food. Plenty of time. (This was really our only complaint. ¬†The food took a long time to come.) ¬†But as we aren’t easily at a loss¬†for words, the time passed quickly enough. While we waited Tancy was enthralled with the adorable table decorations.

And I loved the giant spoon. I think I need one of those for my kitchen. I wonder if she got that at IKEA also. I have been hankering for an IKEA trip.

It sounds like a great excuse for an IKEA trip… How about tonight…

I don’t think Tancy and I were quite prepared for what we saw when our food came. ¬†Have you ever sat down in front of a meal and just KNEW that it was going to be delicious and quite possibly change your life? Well…. That’s maybe how we felt. It looked scrumptious!

I ordered blueberry pancakes. image¬†Can I tell you how excited I was when Felicia told us they came with real blueberries? It’s the little things people that I love. Homemade pancakes with real blueberries is exactly what this ¬†carb-starved, ex dieter needed. ¬†I, on the other hand, really wanted some of those dried up fake blueberries. ¬†I do not like cooked fruit, so the idea of giant mushy blueberries in my pancakes was less than thrilling… but I survived ūüėȬ†

I¬†also need to pay special attention to the bacon, ¬†I don’t know if I have ever quite had THAT¬†good of bacon. It was ¬†thick and crisp in all the right places. (I could really make a ton of jokes here…. But I will spare you .)

The hashbrowns… Lord¬†have mercy, ¬†they should have their own Instagram hashtag.


I like the sound of that. The hashbrowns were exactly the way we like them. Real potatoes. Beautiful hunks of real potatoes that were the perfect level of crunchy on the outside and warm and smooth on the inside. Potato Perfection.

.imageThe eggs even deserve a mention.  I happen to LOVE eggs.  I like them done about ANY way you can cook them.  These eggs were fried in real butter, the only thing better could have been bacon grease.   Everything is better in bacon grease.   



On to the French Toast… decided to step out of the box and order Stuffed French Toast. ¬†The french toast was made with thick sliced french bread. The bread was split and filled with sweetened cream cheese and the house homemade jam. ¬† It was delicious! ¬†Personally, I would have liked a little more cream cheese and a little less jam, but that is just me being overly picky. ¬†This was great! ¬†

Next, look at that  perfect sausage patty!  This just may have been the most delicious sausage that I have ever had.  LIKE REALLY. It was perfect!  The flavor was great.  I do not know if they mix their own sausage, or buy it somewhere, but it is fantastic. 

In conclusion, I will most definitely be going back to Magpie. I highly recommend all of you guys to try it as well. Please know that the cost of really good food is a bit more than $2.00 a plate for breakfast food. I personally am sick of paying for food that has no flavor and you are questioning what is even in the food. I will gladly pay a little bit more for a fantastic meal.

imageI am eager to return to Magpie also. ¬†Excellent Food! I want to try the Pecan pancakes! ¬†I will say as Julie said, the place isn’t cheap. ¬†Our meal was almost thirty bucks. ¬†BUT in fairness… we ordered a ton of food and could not come close to finishing it. ¬†We wanted to sample a wide variety so we ended up with three entrees and then coffee and Diet Coke added another $5. ¬† It was wonderful, and I will return!

We left Magpie in a wonderfully contented state of mind. Food really does feed more then your body. A good meal with a good friend feeds the soul.

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