Monday comes and goes…again

2015-11-23 10.35.08

My DEAR, DEAR friend Julie showed up at my house ready to work last week…with donuts… and an announcement.

“We are fat.  Have you noticed?  We have to get serious about this.  I brought donuts as a last hurrah.”

Not being in the mood to begin at the moment, we made a plan…. While eating lunch….at our favorite barbecue place. ( For the blog’s sake of course. Poor Girl HAD to do a review. )

“We will start Monday!” we said.

“We will go to the gym!”  we said.

“We will eat right!” we said.

“Our only free day is Thanksgiving!” we said.

“We are going to use TanjuTimes as our accountability!”  SHE said.

So, I stumbled through my weekend, and quite frankly felt guilty about my food choices all weekend!  I know that starting on Monday, is never a good diet scheme.  If you are going to start eating right, AGAIN, you start right then and not on Monday.  The guilt was overwhelming actually, and the food made me a little sick. I was consumed by self loathing guilt.

I kept thinking, Monday is coming…

Last night, my text my dear friend Julie about the gym and it went like this.

2015-11-23 16.54.24



So, it is Monday, the PLANNED MONDAY, and we started off with FAILURE.

We had made plans to work this morning, and I was expecting Julie at 9:00.  She showed up….late I must add….and, she showed up with DONUTS.  What is wrong with that girl???

2015-11-23 10.35.08


Please notice that my picture shows a near empty box.  I could not even get a picture before the donuts flew out of the box and into our mouths.

As I glommed down my donuts, I scolded her for her role in our most recent diet failure.  She informed me that she had been thinking about this, and maybe we should start January 1st.

Because we know THAT works for so many people…

yes, that was sarcasm…




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