My goodness, we are fat


Can we talk about weight loss for a minute? Or more correctly, the weight loss struggle?

Tancy and I have been on the journey together over the last couple years. It’s not been a fun journey. But it’s a journey nonetheless.

We started bike riding a couple of years ago. We would get up early before the sun was out and hit the bike trail. We clocked in MANY miles over that summer. I drew the line when the temperature started to dip. I don’t like to be cold. at all. So when I would come back from the ride with teeth breaking from shivering so hard, I drew the line. ( I made the part up about teeth breaking, but you get the point.) I drew the line at fifty degrees. That left us in a quandary over what we should do next. There was a new gym opening up so we decided to join. We liked how close it was to us and the price couldn’t be beat.

So off we went to the gym. We were faithful at it for a LONG time. We had fun with it also. I am sure that the two fat ladies on the treadmill and the arc trainer were quite comical. We entertained ourselves that’s for sure. Life happened in the middle of all that. Tancy had her stroke. I almost died in a car accident. And if that wasn’t enough, I just hit a wall. I was exhausted mentally. I was exhausted physically. I was exhausted from really trying and not losing weight. So I gave up.

Well here we are a year later. I have gained more weight then I am comfortable sharing publicly and I am just not in a great place.

Today, I am thankful for a friend who shows up at 5:20 in the morning to pick me up. Even when I hate her very soul for doing it. But she loves me enough to hold me accountable to it. ( I also don’t need Tancy coming into my room at 5:20 in the morning to drag my fat naked butt out of bed, I don’t think Jeremy would like that either. )

So here we are a week later. One week may not seem like much. But it is to me. One week in and I have gone to the gym by myself because my world traveler friend is out of town.

I don’t know where this finds you on your weight journey. I don’t care if you are 400 pounds. Or 120. Well let’s say 150, because you 120 pound people can go eat a donut. 😉 But I think we all, men and women, know what it is to not be comfortable in your own skin. We all know ourselves at the heaviest we have ever been. And we know it isn’t a fun place to be. If you need encouragement or a partner. We will be at the gym at 5:30. Just look for the two fat ladies on the treadmill.

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