Ode to a Rutabaga


I openly admit that I am not the healthiest person. I do try. I just haven’t exactly acquired a taste for a variety of vegetables.

Over the last year or so, my pallet has broadened. I have tried zucchini, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and acorn squash just to name a few.

Pampered Chef has come out with a brand new product called the Spiralizer. It makes noodles out of vegetables. I immediately was intrigued.

Once I received my own Spiralizer, I wanted to test it out. I happily made sweet potato “fries” and even regular russet potato “fries.” I say “fries” because they aren’t as thick as regular fries. The potato comes out much thinner then a regular fry. They were defintaly a hit in our house.
imageLast night I tried something new and out of the box for our home and it consisted of Rutabaga. Something I had never tried before. I kinda knew what it looked like, but certainly didn’t know what it tasted like.

My kids kept asking what was for dinner. I think they knew that something was up. I have learned to never really tell them what is for dinner. You see, when I do, I usually end up hearing complaints all the way up until it’s time to eat. It’s just not something I even want to hear. So I don’t tell them.


Anyway, back to dinner.

Chimichurri Noodles with grilled flank steak.

I made the sauce. I accidentally bought white wine vinegar instead of red wine vinegar as the recipe calls for. ( Next time I would try it with the red wine vinegar. Just to see what the difference is.)

I omitted the cilantro. Cilantro to me is one of the nastiest herbs on the face of the earth. imageI think it literally makes me sick. I fully realize that I am in the minority on this one. Most people love cilantro. If you are one of these unfortunate people, then please, by all means, use the cilantro.


Next, I made noodles out of the rutabaga. I think that this process is actually pretty fun.

Then I grilled the steak. I will tell you, I was a tad bit sticker shocked when I saw the price of flank steak. I believe it was $8.49 a pound. ( I very very rarely pay that much for any kind of meat no matter the occasion. ) The steak I bought was a pound and a half. After I thought about the cost of the ingredients for this meal, I didn’t feel as bad since the rutabaga was I believe .79 a pound and the parsley was maybe .99 for the whole bunch. image

The whole meal came together in about 25 minutes.

I myself did not know what to expect. I had heard that this recipe was really good. I trusted the people that I had heard this from so I had high-er hopes for this dish.

I think Jeremy was excited to try it. He sure is a lucky guy to have a lady who likes to cook so much. 😉

The kids…. well… they didn’t exactly know what to say. Nathan immediately pulled out the steak sauce.

Maddie was a little more optimistic. Emma wasn’t at all. She said from the beginning that it looked “misgusting” and she wanted no part of it. And she didn’t. I couldn’t even lie to her and tell her it was pasta. Which is her favorite dish.



Jeremy said he really liked it. He said it was really good and he would eat it again for sure.

Nathan and Maddie both ate what they were supposed to. I certainly think that they wouldn’t ask for it again. I do think that Maddie would think it is a step up from any type of fish.

Emma, well, you already know how she feels about it.

Me, I liked it. I liked how it was super healthy and it had good flavor. The noodles were a perfect mix of crunchy and soft. I still don’t know exactly what a rutabaga tastes like. I think that the flavor of the sauce took over the flavor of the rutabaga. I am wondering if rutabaga is sort of like cauliflower in that regard.


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