Tale of Two Julies

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As you are all aware, I have my dear friend Julie:  The “Ju” in Tanju.  Julie is.. well… you know…She is an inexplicable entity.

About two years ago, God decide my life was still a tad dull, so he brought another Julie into my life.  This would be Keith’s “Ju” not my “Ju.”  Julie has become a dear friend to me also, and I am thankful that God gifted me with her friendship.

I have been noticing some similarities in my two Julies.   They are both mischievous and witty and fun.  It is obvious why I get along with both of them.  They both keep me on my toes.  I like that!

If you know me in real life, I have some quirky tendencies.  I am slightly Type A… but not about everything.  I can be pretty particular about certain things.  I only use certain types of pens.  My cupboards are nearly perfect at all times, but my counters might be a total disaster.  My closet is color coordinated and is separated by type of garment, but my room is  a mess.  I will let the top of my desk grow into an unorganized mountain because I do not want to stuff stuff in the drawers and mess up my perfect system.  Yeah, I know.. this is insane, and I am realize this.  But, hey I am thirty nine and I am guessing that I am pretty set in my ways.

One of the things that I tend to be excessively anal about is my calendar.  I get a calendar at the beginning of the year, and I pick which writing utensil that I will be using in this particular calendar. I write in my stuff neatly, and perfectly.  I have missed appointments because I did not write them down because I did not have the proper pen, and then I forgot to write down my reminder.  I am a mess.

Well, Julie S. knows this.  She MOCKS me for this.  She takes great pride in ruining notebooks or calendars for me.  She happily scribbles something with a BLUE pen in my perfect notebook.  She flat out laughs when it nearly makes me break out in hives.  Then she informs me that I am ridiculous.  I have had to throw out PERFECTLY good stationary items because of her and her hapless BLUE scribbles!

Well, you can imagine her glee when she came by the other day when Keith and his Julie had stopped by.  She walked by the calendar on the fridge and saw this.

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If you know me, I have NEAT handwriting… and I like it that way.  These notations on our family calendar are NOT mine.  Julie KNEW this.  She giggled and grabbed a pen!

Earlier in the visit, I saw Keith and Julie at my fridge looking conspiratorially, but did not exactly know what they were doing to me.  Apparently Julie was giving me advice for each day the coming week.   After they left, my Julie added her own notations… IN BLUE INK… at least Keith’s Julie had the decency to use black pen!  I personally think blue pens should be outlawed!

So now we sit just five or six weeks from the end of 2015, and I am staring at a calendar that is mocking me. I even contemplated throwing the whole thing out.  Who needs to schedule the last six weeks of a year?  Really? How important could they really be?!?

However, something different happened.  I walked by the calendar, and it brought a smile to my face.  It makes me laugh.  It reminds me of my friends.  Maybe I am growing up a bit, and not too set in my ways.  So I will smile through the rest of November and ward off the nervous tick that flares when looking at the mismatched ink and remember how truly blessed I am.


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  1. Julie Cummings Reply

    Tancy, my dearest friend. I wrote those things because I love you. I wanted you to remember to take time for yourself during your busy, noisy week. We were there to drop off your husband’s gift from Israel, after all, and I was feeling more than a little sympathy for you. Tremendous excitement for your Mister, but towards you… There was guilt. I must have picked it up from a Jewish gift shop, or my mother; either way, the pang was there. It was only when I saw you fleeing the kitchen, hyperventilating and sputtering, “Julie’s writing on my calendar!!!” that I recalled that you’re a defcon five fruitcake and I had wronged you. If there was a way that I could apologize to you, I would, but it’s just not possible. You see, this is just too funny and I would never lie to you. Enjoy the shofar. XOXO