TanJu goes Mexican at Fuzzy’s

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We want to promote local business in Rockford.  It is one of the things that make a town a great place to be.  We also love to see any business on the west side of Rockford be successful.  When we saw a new business going in to the old Feather Club building on the corner of Kilburn and Summerdale, we just knew that it was a place TanJu had to go.

Our first attempt was unsuccessful when we found out that Fuzzy’s takes Mondays off.  So we went back on a different day.

Tancy – I had talked to my parents at this point, and TanJu was excited about Fuzzy’s.  They were quick to give a rave review.  Fuzzy’s had only been open two weeks, and my parents had already eaten there.  My parents’ thing is Mexican food.  They LOVE Mexican food, and they have taste tested MUCHO MEXICAN food.  They know Mexican food, and they were impressed. 


I have to admit that Julie was not as excited as I was. Plus, I was 24 hours post tooth extraction thus the lovely picture.  She was a bit nervous when I told her where it was and pointed out the building.  I do not know what her problem is because she DRAGGED me to Mister J’s and that place is in a PRETTY SKEERY part of town.  I feel much safer on Kilburn than I do on Kishwaukee!

We went for lunch, and walking in was a bit of a time warp.  Fuzzy’s still has the original knotty pine walls that the Feather Club had back in the day.  They have decorated with cowboy boots, sombreros, and cactus stuff.  I would not say I am headed in there for the decor, but I think that they did a good job working with the dated interior.  They had left the original dining area, original dance floor, and the orignal bar.  I do know that they are planning on having slot machines very soon in another back room.  Slots are big business here in Rockford, and we are sure they will bring them even more business.  If you are worried about being in a bar, the bar is in a separate room, and we were not bothered by it at all. The restaurant was clean and neat, and as you know, that is what is important to us.  We want it nice and clean!

2016-02-26 13.16.49

Our meal started with drink service and chips with “Ranch Beans” and homemade Pico de gallo.   We have to say something about the drinks… Even the water was good.  Julie remarked about how good her Mt. Dew was and I had to add in how good the water tasted. (Isn’t it silly how we notice things like how water tastes?? But goodness, it really does make a difference!) This is unusual for Rockford restaurants.  City water is blech!  Well, I saw the waitress filling my water from the bar filtered water and that must have been the difference.

The chips were delicious.  We do not know if they are purchased or fried there, but we don’t care.  They were good.  Julie loved the Pico.  Tancy liked the Ranch Beans.  Ranch beans are pintos with a hint of seasoning.  Excellent flavor!

2016-02-26 13.29.56For my  main meal I was excited to try their Chile Rellenos.  My dad told me that they were excellent and I could not agree more!  Most of the time chile rellenos are cheese alone, but Fuzzy’s adds a wonderfully flavored beef in theirs, and W.O.W.  Perfection!  Rellenos are a tough dish to get right. Too eggy, too floury, too greasy, but these had everything right.  They were delicious.  I also LOVED their refried beans.  I like beans with some texture and these delivered.  I did not particularly love their Mexican rice, but to be honest, I do not really love ANY Mexican rice.  I usually order double beans, but I felt like I should try them for our review.  

I have to add: Tancy has made me try Chile Rellenos at a couple different places and each time I never liked them. I would never have chosen to order this dish off the menu. To be fair, I tried them once again, mostly because they LOOKED good. And good they were! The flavor was a wonderful combination of the pepper, cheese and meat. It just melded together. I WOULD go back and order this dish again. 

imageI ordered 2 steak tacos on flour shells, no cilantro ( you all know my aversion to cilantro) lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese. I also ordered a side of refried beans. I am typically not a huge fan of refried beans. But dear Lord, let me tell you… these refried beans were perfect. The texture was not complete mush like some places are and the flavor was amazing. My steak on the tacos was cooked perfectly. I can’t stand dry, overcooked meat. Fuzzy’s knows how to handle their meat.  The flavor was amazing. I chowed down these tacos very quickly. 

When asked if we had anything negative to say, our only thought was a feeling of unease in our surroundings.  We felt like the staff that was sitting at a table kept looking our way, and well… it made us feel strange.  AND, there was another table of pretty rough looking men on the other side of us.  We both felt pretty uneasy in the middle of it.  However, when I returned there to eat with my husband tonight I mentioned this to Fuzzy herself.  Turns out that the table sitter was trying to keep an eye on the table that we were a little afraid of.  So, now I feel better about that.  I don’t know what Julie will think about that. 

I know Julie was pretty creeped out there, and we both said we probably wouldn’t hang out at Fuzzy’s after dark without the menfolk with us.  Honestly, that is not saying much because there are several places in the general vicinity that I feel the same way about.  I do not want to hang out in the RMH or Wal-mart parking lot after dark either.  

Tonight was date night for the Hubs and me, and he mentioned heading out to Buddy’s Burgers which he knows that I love also.  However, I thought WHY NOT FUZZY’s?   I really loved it, and my husband happens to like Mexican food too.  So off we headed to Fuzzy’s!  We walked in and headed toward out appointed table and happened to run into MY PARENTS and Rich and Pat.  I really had not anticipated running into my folks because my dad had  told me only a few hours earlier that they had eaten there LAST night, but hey they had to introduce Rich and Pat to Fuzzy’s.  Rick and Pat just might love Mexican food as much as my parents. In fact,  I am guessing that they have probably eaten most of their Mexican food adventures together.  

All four of our elderly dinner companions ( who is going to tell on me for THAT comment?) were eating fajitas and they looked FANTASTIC.  I snitched a bite of the the steak and chicken and they were flavorful and moist.  My dad even gave up a shrimp and it was a fantastic blend of smoke and spice.  I did NOT get a picture of their plates because they were already served when we walked in the door.  My  husband and I both had a chile relleno, and he added a steak taco.  The relleno was delicious once again, and this time there was a sauce covering the relleno.  It was good too.   We truly enjoyed the homemade corn tortillas ( and I do not even like corn tortillas all that much but these are great!) 

 My parents have now eaten at Fuzzy’s enough that they are recognized by Fuzzy, and Fuzzy came over to chat.  Well, my mother proceeded to tell her that we had reviewed the restaurant.  Well,  we usually do not make a practice of telling people we are reviewing when we are eating there, but the cat was out of the bag.  When she realized I was the reviewer she brought me out some of her homemade Horchata.  Wow again! I usually do not drink horchata when I am out, but my family loves it.  We even bought a horchata drink mix at Sam’s for the kids.  BUT THIS… this was delicious.  I have never had homemade Horchata before.  I enjoyed it very much!  We passed the glass around the table and it got rave reviews from the Senior Citizen contingent too! 

I am going to be in SO much trouble… but my mom does not really read our blog so….

Fuzzy’s will soon be celebrating its official grand opening.  They are waiting on their slot machines.  They have a singing cook who came out a regaled us during dinner tonight.  He’s pretty good too!  Fuzzy told us that they will be having live music and karaoke soon.  You can cut a rug on the dance floor when Julie sings.  Maybe she will sing “The Shake” again for the crowd.

We think that Fuzzy’s is a great addition to the west side of Rockford.  The food is ….well, I cannot come up with enough versions of delicious and excellent.  It is REALLY good.  It is our new go-to joint for great Mexican food.  We hope Fuzzy’s does very well, and we would love to see them have a booming west side business.  So tell your friends and head on over, and tell them that TanJu sent you!

imageI would like to add an update: 

I have talked to so many people about Fuzzy’s in the days since I fell in love with them. I “dragged” my neighborhood posse’ there this past weekend. We went Saturday night. I did not feel weird at all going at night. I am sure that maybe it had something to do with the fact that we were in a group.

The service was wonderful! We had a group of 11 and the wait staff took care of our every whim. Our food was wonderful again. Everyone LOVED the salsa and the ranch beans.  Nathan was particularly fond of the tamales. Paul and Angie liked the chimchangas and Tonya and the boys gobbled down the enchiladas. Steve tried the soppas and enjoyed them. Jeremy and I got the steak tacos again. Maddie went to a mexican restaurant and had a chicken sandwich. She sure likes to try new things. 😉 

In my humble opinion Fuzzy’s is the number one place to go get amazing mexican food in the Rockford Area. 

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