Tanju Hits Buddy’s Burgers

2016-01-29 12.25.57

I am a woman who loves a good burger.  Julie loves barbecue.  Tancy loves Pizza and Burgers. It’s okay, she can have this one flaw…

After our less than fantastic review of Chubby guys BBQ, we knew that we had to give Buddy’s Burgers a try.  Apparently they are somehow connected, and we thought we should give them a fair shake.  We have heard great things about Buddy’s.

Buddy’s is located on East Riverside in Rockford, and it in the same complex as Chubby Guy’s BBQ.   Buddy’s is decorated in local sports memorabilia.  They pay homage to all the Chicago sports teams, and even a shout out to our local Rock Valley College.

T – I happen to like that;I know that Julie could care less.  I like a restaurant with personality, and I like a restaurant with ties to things people care about.  I may not be a guy, but a joint with sports stuff all over the wall, how can you go wrong?!?  There are TV’s on the wall, and when I returned with my hubby a week later I enjoyed watching basketball during my burger. 

J – I do like the way that the restaurant is decorated. While I don’t particularly like sports, I don’t mind restaurants that pay homage to it. 

T – I have to add this…  I try to explain to my husband that MOST MEN would be thrilled to have a wife that when asked what do you want for date night, she says “A good burger.”  Plus, during our date night a basketball game was on the screen, and I was thrilled. He did not need to take me to a movie or anything…. He was less than thrilled….Everyone should remind him of how LUCKY HE IS! 2016-01-29 12.26.04

Given the current fascination with chalkboard EVERYTHING, Buddy’s is right on with their chalkboard menu on the wall behind the register. (I REALLY REALLY thought we got a picture of it too, but I cannot find it!)  I like the simplicity of the menu too.  Do you want a burger?  Yes.  How many patties?   Do you want cheese? What kind?  Pick from this list of stuff to put on your burger.  BOOM.  You have a perfect burger.  There are other options than burgers, but  being that we were at Buddy’s BURGERS,  we both had burgers.

2016-01-29 12.25.57
I ordered mine exactly like I eat a burger at Five Guys.  American Cheese, A-1 sauce, grilled onions, and mushrooms. I wanted a perfect comparison.  I also had a side of hand cut fries.  YUMMO!  I loved, loved, loved it.  There really was not anything I would change about the meal.  It was a meal that you keep eating even when you are full, because you just did not want it to end!  It was delicious. 

imageWe had a couple little people with us that day.  My big guy ate a “kid’s meal cheeseburger.”   IT WAS HUGE, but don’t worry he is currently in garbage can mode, and he at the entire thing.  He loved it!  He thought it was better than Daddy’s burgers….  Uh oh. He loved the fries.
Two little girls joined us too, and Jelly Bean had the Chicken Fingers and Fries…  She did not come close to finishing them.  Emma worked hard at helping her too.  They enjoyed their meal too.  I must say that the kids meals were $4.99, which I considered quite fair.  They had fries and a drink with their entrée, and NO ONE left hungry.

imageJ – On my cheeseburger, I had two patties, cheddar cheese, grilled onions, ketchup and mayo. I liked that it had a good burger to bun ratio. I can’t stand having a massive bun for a tiny burger. The burger had a good flavor and I certainly didn’t leave hungry. In fact I couldn’t finish my burger. I learned something about myself while eating that meal. I don’t like messy food. This burger might have been the messiest thing I have eaten in quite a while. I would have done much better to eat it with a fork. Before you complain…. I know, no one eats a burger with a fork. That being said…. I might start a trend. 

The fries were good. Hot and fresh. Just the way I like them. 

Burgers are not my go to meal choice. Tancy has already mentioned that, but Buddy’s Burgers does dish out a really good burger. So when you are in the area, stop by and tell them TanJu sent you. 

When my husband and I went back on date night,, I had the same thing except with ONE Patty instead of two.  JP had the Mighty Mouse burger which he enjoyed immensely.  The Mighty Mouse had two patties, Swiss Cheese, and ham.   He liked it so much he had one the next week.  So I am guessing that would be his review summed up.  He liked coleslaw.  Which made me giggle because it seems to be the SAME cole 2016-02-12 19.10.30slaw that we crucified in our review of Chubby Guys.  It still looked anemic to me, but he liked the flavor.

 Right after we ordered, the place got super busy. I only saw two  people working. I feel they needed one more person to make running the place smoother.  

Buddy’s is nice and clean, and the service is nice.  The place is not big, and I started to feel a tad crowded. BUT,  that is normal for me.  If you like a good burger, I recommend giving Buddy’s a try.  Good burgers and and GREAT fries.  I also want to try the onion rings.  Some guy near us was eating them, and they looked FANTASTIC!


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