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We share a love of BBQ.

Julie ~ I actually think I like it more then she does. Well…. I think I just REALLY like the fried pickles. And BBQ Pork. And sweet tea. And coleslaw, although that’s more of a recent development. Add coleslaw and BBQ’d pork together. Heaven.

In a recent jaunt to our favorite barbecue place, we decided we should write reviews of some of our local barbecue joints. For our blog’s sake,  of course.  To save our local readers from an unnecessary barbecue debacle.  We want to take care of YOU!

Chubby Guys BBQ

Tancy ~ Just by the name you would think I would be all over this place, but I doubt I will become even a infrequent visitor to Chubby Guys.

The menu looks very promising, with many enticing options to choose from. The restaurant is decorated in a lodge theme. The tables are cute log style picnic tables.

Tancy ~ The Poor Girl Critic hit Chubby Guys at lunch time, and frankly I was pretty excited about some great French fries.  I had heard that Chubby Guys had hand cut fries, which are a big draw for me. I LOVE hand cut fries!   In effort to have a comparison to my last experience at our favorite Barbecue joint, I had the loaded fries. chubby guy

The fries themselves were delicious.  I enjoyed them, but the “smother” left something to be desired.  My fries were covered in pulled pork, cheese sauce, sour cream (the official condiment of heaven) and maybe some other stuff that I cannot exactly remember.  Frankly, I was terribly disappointed.  I have my own Chubby Guy who smokes out in the ten dollar garage sale smoker that I bought him last year and his pulled pork is far superior in flavor and texture.  Cheese sauce is cheese sauce, and we all know it most likely comes out of a can, so I cannot criticize that too much.  I covered it with sweet barbecue sauce, and that did not really save it even though I really love sweet sauce. The whole thing was pretty “Blah.”  I was quite unimpressed.

Julie ~ I got the BBQ’d pork without the bun and a side of hand cut fries. In my opinion the bun just gets in the way. To begin with, the sauce seemed treated as a condiment and not part of the BBQ. So my BBQ’d pork was really just a pile of shredded pork. I had asked that my side of coleslaw to be on top of by pork. I prefer it Memphis style. ( Which I found out because I stepped outside my box one lunch with my friend Jenn, not to be confused with Jen or Jenny. ) I tried the pork and it was sort of gristly.


The coleslaw looked to be store bought coleslaw. It was a big pile of albino mush. I took two bites of it and pushed it off my pork.

Let’s talk sauce….. Their website says they have five different choices

Flaming Boar – The Hottest of the
hot. *Try at your own risk
Sizzling Pig – A little bite, but not
Signature Sauce – Mild sauce for

Hawaiian Pig – Sweet & Savory

Hawaiian influenced sauce.
Carolina Sauce – A sweet mustard

sauce (taken from their website.)

We didn’t see any of these choices listed. They had three choices of sauce. Sweet, mild and hot you can choose from. The sauce was really watery. I almost thought there was something wrong with the sauce because it was so watery. But I think that that’s just how it is supposed to be. I picked the hot and sweet sauce to try. The hot was not hot. The sweet was bland.

I poured the sauce on my pork and the sauce settled at the bottom of the cardboard tray. So NOW, my BBQ pork was a gristly, watery mess. I barely choked down half of it. I liked the fries.  

We got an order of fried pickles to share, because we share a love of fried pickles!

The saving of the whole meal was the fried pickles!  They were delicious.  If we ever go back to Chubby Guys, I am guessing we will just eat fried pickles. The fried pickles were really good. They were battered in tempura batter, and there were bits of fried batter left in the basket.  YUMMO!

I first chose sweet tea to drink. I am a sweet tea snob. I can make a mean pitcher of sweet tea. Whether on the stove or in the sun. In fact, during the summer I usually have a jar of tea sitting in the sun almost daily. Believe me when I say, I know tea. I knew the tea had gone rancid just by the smell. I took one drink and poured it down the drain. I had been impressed that they had tried to make their own tea because  I have been there before, and they just had premade tea. I applaud them for trying, but maybe they should go back to the easy way. chubby guys

We are sorry to say that we cannot recommend Chubby Guys.  We just did not enjoy much beyond our company.  And, since we can have fun doing just about anything, we had a great time.  Chubby Guy, thank you for taking a stand for you faith, but maybe you should work on a few things and we will come back and give it another whirl .




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  1. Julie Cummings Reply

    I just tried them. I had their brisket with sweet potato fries. The fries were awesome. I really liked the brisket sandwich that I had too. I put the sweet BBQ sauce on it and loved it. I thought it was really lean meat, which is unusual for brisket, which has normally been pretty fatty when I have had it from other places. This wasn’t fatty at all. And seriously, you’re going to put anyone’s pulled pork against your husband’s, Tancy? That’s a wee bit unfair. I would never expect Smucker’s to taste like your preserves. It’s just not gonna happen. I just face the fact that there’s only one Tancy, everyone wants her jams and apple butter and I thank the Almighty God for the jars we get and the other jams and jellies just make me appreciate you all the more. Do I have a point? I can’t remember. I guess what I am trying to say is that I want Julie’s recipe for Alfredo sauce made with cauliflower.