The Day I was dooped


imageSo you see, I have this friend. Said friend can really do anything she sets her mind to. Like anything.

imageSo last YEAR, when I asked her to make some curtains for my kitchen. She said… “Sure, I would absolutely love too, I will jump right on that.” (I am not sure that is EXACTLY what I said.)  I thought great!! I will have some adorable curtains to help keep out the wandering eyes from my nosy neighbor – who may or may not have a video camera pointed at our house. But THAT’S A STORY FOR ANOTHER POST.  😉

So I gave said friend the fabric, gave her a general idea of what I wanted.

And waited.

You see, I may hem and haw about wanting to do something. But when I make up my mind to do it, I want it done. Like yesterday. I may not be the most patient person in the whole world. I fully acknowledge that. image

As each month passed I was losing more and more hope that my curtains would ever come to fruition.

I truthfully acknowledge that said friend is RIDICULOUSLY busy. She is so busy because she really CAN DO ANYTHING and people just keep asking her to do things. On a side note…. you would be really proud of her. She is learning to say NO to people.


imageSaid friend and I were talking one day and she suggested we do a project. I immediately thought we should make those almost forgotten curtains. She said yes. Let’s do that.

So…. out she drudged her sewing machine. And thread. And needles. And tape measure. And ironing board. ( She had me ironing all the fabric, which I did a great job at by the way. ) image

I was honestly getting pretty excited.


Like. For real.
But then…. something happened. I don’t really know what. I don’t speak sewing lingo. Something to do with needing thicker thread or something like that.  Here she is trying to explain to me crazy excuses about bobbins and tension and some such mumbo jumbo.

Needless to say. I still don’t have any curtains. In the meantime, my crazy neighbor is getting quite the show.


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