The Great Mug Debacle

2015-11-23 11.36.32

Pinterest.  It is a beautiful thing.  You can sit on your phone or computer and click away at your screen and dream of all the beautiful things that you are going to bless your home with or the amazing gifts you are going to make for your family.  Pinterest is a crafter’s dream.  We love Pinterest for recipes too.  The ideas seem limitless!

Of course, things often appear easier than they are, and failures are frequent.  In fact, if you Google “Pinterest fails” half of the images were taken at Julie’s house.  Ok, maybe not, but Julie is not exactly a crafty person.  She can cook like a boss, but crafts are not her thing.

We have decided that as a Public Service for you, our faithful followers, we are going to test Pinterest Pins and report to you how well… or not so well they work.

Today, we tried to make Decorated Mugs.

If you search Sharpie Mugs on Pinterest you will get tons of pictures of cute little mugs made with Sharpie Markers.  I “read” a few, but being the crafty person that I am, I might have skimmed a few.  The gist of the articles is by using Sharpies, stickers, and Dollar Tree mugs, you can make a cute personalized, and inexpensive gift.  We decided to give it a whirl.

One pin in particular stated that you should use paint markers to make your creation last, because the Sharpie art tended to fade.  I decided that we would use this and ran to the store and obtained markers and mugs. We were ready.

2015-11-23 11.36.32

We placed our stickers, and started the dotting.  My mugs said, “#tanju” because I wanted to support the cause, and Julie’s made some crack about coffee of course.

I am not going to lie, it was fun to watch Julie craft.  She dotted her little heart away.


We finished our dotting processes and waited to let them dry.  The post that I had read said to let them dry completely before removing the stickers.  We almost waited.

Tancy rocking the cup

And then we where supposed to bake them at 350 degrees.

2015-11-23 12.30.15

It was at this time that Julie went home, and I decided to do the research needed for this post. I found the original post about Sharpie Mugs that Do Not Fade.  On this particular read through I happened to notice that the author distinctly said that we were to use “Oil Based Markers.”  I quickly looked at our markers, and ours did not say if they were oil based. In fact, I could not find what they were!  But, remember, Google is your friend!

Well, it seems that “Painters” by Elmers are indeed Acrylic based paint and wash off easily in soap and water.


So, Pinterest Fail #1 for Tanju.

Things we learned from our first Pinterest Project.

You really should read the article COMPLETELY and THOROUGHLY before you attempt a project.

You really should get the correct materials.

You might just get a second chance though!

Julie: You should not listen to Tancy whatsoever when it comes to anything related to crafts.

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