The Gym


TanJu at the gym is actually quite comical. It may be worth the membership fee just to come see us “work out.”

We have only been back “at the gym” for a short time, and we have been quite consistent… especially for two fat girls.  Unfortunately, not too much else is going on at 5:30 in the morning to interfere with us following through.  The best thing about the gym is the massage beds, the exit.

Julie ~ There is not really much that is  funnier then Tancy with her gimpy arm trying to lift weights and my asthmatic self trying to run more then two minutes on the treadmill.

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I think going to the gym requires mental preparation. Before we started going back to the gym, we TALKED about it for a couple weeks months. I think we had to talk ourselves into it. Ultimately what had to happen was Tancy had to just show up at my door one Monday morning.

Of course, we decided to go out with a bang. The Friday before we went to the gym, we drove through McDonalds and got a treat.

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To be completely transparent. and if you can’t tell, food  just might be an issue for us.

Julie ~ I know personally that I am struggling with this whole weight loss journey this time around because of how hard it was last time around. I felt like I was killing myself at the gym and surviving only on grass and water. And then to not see much weight loss…. I can’t even tell you how upsetting that is.

As it sits right now, I am willing to work out. I actually like how I feel after I am done working out. I am okay with that. But I am not okay with giving up my favorite foods. I truly think for me it is a matter of giving up. I don’t feel like I eat huge portions of food. I do not eat past the point of being so full that it is uncomfortable. I just make the wrong choices. Carbs and sweats are my best friend.

Tancy ~ For me, this struggle has haunted me since I hit puberty.  I was always thicker than the other girls, and I can remember one particular tormentor whom I still avoid to this day!  As an adult, I have lost forty plus pounds more times than I can count, and when I stare at the mountain that I have created, I tremble.  The idea of doing it ALL over again, and knowing that it is harder to keep it off than to lose it, is terrifying.  I also know that is not getting any easier the older that I get.

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If you have ever fought any kind of weight issue, you know that it is a “one day at a time” kind of thing.  Every day that we get up and get moving, we make progress. Every day that we do not stop at the donut shop on the way home, we have scored a small victory.  We are going to stack them all up, and it will become something big.

Hopefully the big is no longer us.

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