The Rise of TanJu


When Tancy and Julie first met, it was not exactly friend at first sight.

Tancy:  In fact, I pretty much hated whoever the perky little tart that was hanging out with my friend Jeremy. As I was away at college, I was completely able to ignore the fact that they were an item.  When I was asked to play the piano at their wedding, I only did it out of loyalty to Jeremy’s parents.  I couldn’t believe he had fallen for that… that… thing.

Ju: The first  time that  I met Tancy, she left a less then stellar impression on me. I was standing in my in-laws foyer and in walks Tancy.  PRANCING. (If you have never seen a grown woman prance, it’s quite a sight to behold.) Since when have I ever PRANCED? She had her eyes straight on Jeremy and ran pranced right toward him. She threw her arms around him and hung on for dear life. She ignored me other then a passing hello.

Several years passed and they both went on to have families and move along their merry separate ways. Tancy’s family lived out west, and Julie lived in the Midwest happily obliviously to each other.

When Tancy was pregnant with her fourth child, God moved them back to Illinois.

Tancy:  I was eager to return to the church we had left when we moved out west.  However, I was pretty upset that that perky little thing had claimed MY church as her own.  I decided I would hold my head up and pretend nothing was wrong.  This was MY church and I was not going to let HER steal it.

Ju: When Tancy’s Mom told me that they were moving back to Illinois I inwardly groaned while trying to be polite and not let her Mom know how bummed I was about the news. I MIGHT have had a countdown going on in my head about how long until the witch came back.

Tancy and family arrived on November 3, 2005, and she was put in the hospital just 7 days later and soon had a baby at 34.5 weeks.  The little guy was quite sick and was very quickly sent to NICU.

Tancy says:  If you have ever experienced NICU with a child, you are an unexplicable ball of emotion,   You will not understand unless you have walked the road.  You can have empathy and compassion, but you will never have understanding.  On the second day after my son was whisked away, I was sitting alone in my hospital room.  My husband had run home to get some rest and my parents were watching the other kids.  My mom called and told me that Julie was probably going to stop by.  Well, in my hormone driven, emotional state, the perky and annoying Julie Swanson was the LAST person that I wanted to see! I sulked my way through some other visitors until there was another knock on the door.

Ju says: When I heard that Tancy had went into labor and that the baby was sent to the NICU, my heart was instantly saddened. Having our Nathan in the NICU for almost a month puts life into a totally different perspective. I knew first hand what that fear and sadness and confusion was all about. I…. I just felt like I needed to be there. I needed to offer support… from a Mother who had been there. I remember standing outside the hospital room talking to a friend DREADING walking into that room. I might have even thought about turning around and walking out of the hospital. I don’t remember how long I was there or what even I said, I was just there. Sometimes, I think you just have to show up and be there. I remember the next couple of weeks. I would visit Tancy at her house and our friendship grew.

And the rest is history, and way too much for a single little post.  What we do know, is friendship is a gift from God. As of today we have been friends for ten years.  We joke a lot and are rarely completely serious, but we both are so thankful for an amazing friendship that was born out of adversity.   You absolutely never know why God allows you to go through something but you can know God has a plan for it!





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