Where’s the bacon?

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You know what they say about best-laid-plans?  Well, Sunday is a perfect example of why people say those things…

blt-set-free-overlay-bgI don’t know if it was because the weather had been warmer or what, but we planned to eat my all time favorite sandwich BLT’S for lunch. It was a good idea. It really was. What I meant to happen was that we would stop at our local grocery store on the way home from church and pick up the needed ingredients. You know… bacon, lettuce, tomato and bread. It was a simple plan.

But here is what really happened.

You know how people talk about families going TO church on Sunday Morning and the devil being in the car with everyone? Everyone fighting and screaming at each other and then you walk into church and everyone puts their church face on and smiles sweetly?

That’s not us.

*Most* of the time…. we  aren’t that family.


… after church, it’s a whole different story.

We can hear the best sermon. We can sit through an amazing worship service. We can have our hearts convicted. But SOMEHOW the devil always is waiting for us in the car on the way home from church.

I know why it is. I know we are hangry. “Knowing”  it and trying to avoid it are two different things.

So back to Sunday.

12:35 We get in the car. Jeremy had a different idea of what we were going to do. We HAD agreed on BLT’S.  It’s just that he thought we would be going to get actual groceries after church. It really only did make the most sense that that is what we would do because we were already right by the grocery store.

So I said ok. Let’s go get groceries.

*There might have been an altercation with smashed fingers and hurt feelings in the car while waiting for one of our precious children to come to the car. *

12:40 Enter grocery store.

1:20 Run into old friends and chat them up for a minute. It was really nice to see them.

1:30 Check out

1:45 Get home and unload groceries

1:48 Turn on oven so bacon could be cooking while we put away groceries

fridge1:50 WE decide (and by WE, I mean Jeremy) decided the fridge needs to be cleaned out. To be honest, I hate cleaning out the fridge.  It’s my least favorite chore. So it REALLY did need to be cleaned out, but… we were HUNGRY.

1:52 I clean out the fridge while Jeremy is putting away groceries. *oven is warming up*

2:00 Jeremy is a LITTLE frustrated because he can’t get the cupboard drawer to shut. I keep my skillet in a drawer for easy storage. The thing is that there is only one way that they will fit in the drawer. BUT, when yo are  hangry, you don’t really think straight.

I turn to him to try to explain how it should go.  He looks at me and tells me not to be so condescending.  I didn’t exactly think I was being condescending. I thought I was being extremely patient.


2:10 Jeremy is now outside with Emma on a bike ride while I get lunch together.

2:12 The oven is warmed up and I am looking for the bacon to cook.

Fridge?  nope

Freezer?  nope

Downstairs Fridge? nope

Downstairs Freezer? nope

Car?  nope

Shopping bags? nope

I am perplexed at this point.

2:30 Jeremy comes back and I ask him where the bacon was. He  has no clue either, and he  starts searching for the missing bacon.

(We are all ready to gnaw off each other’s arms.)

Fridge? nope

Freezer? nope

Downstairs Fridge? nope

Downstairs Freezer? nope

Car? nope

Cupboards? Nope

We look at each other quite perplexed. I remembered picking it up and putting it in the cart. It couldn’t have grown legs and walked away… right?

As Jeremy was going out to look in the car AGAIN, he finds the bacon laying on the garage floor. How it got there, I really have no idea, and quite frankly I don’t really care.

2:40 Cook bacon and get the rest of the meal ready

3:00 Finally we eat lunch

I think we all devoured our food without even tasting it.


Things that I learned:

BLT’S really are the best sandwich on earth.

Don’t try to go grocery shopping after church on Sunday.

Save everyone trouble and just plan on going out to eat after church. I REALLY don’t know how people did it back in the day. How did women make amazing Sunday lunches? I have not learned that art.


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